English Accent of Filipinos

I found this youtube video about the English “twang” of Filipinos. Some may find it a little bit offensive, but i find i find it funny because believe it or not, it’s the real thing. Majority of Filipinos don’t use English as their primary language, that’s why most of us are not good/fluent in speaking it. Schools do teach English to students may it be private or public institutions. The problem is, Filipinos have this mentality that English are for the rich and the famous ONLY, so those that weren’t born with a golden spoon on their mouth are simply not interested in learning the language further. We only stick to the basic and even the basics sometimes tend to be forgotten.

That’s why some, mix up words and letters. Some use “f” instead “p” or vice versa. Some use “u” instead of “o” or vice versa and the list goes on and on.


Then here comes the issue about some Korean superstar making fun of the Filipino’s English accent on a comedy show. Some and I mean SOME Filipinos reacted violently. For me, it wasn’t a big deal. I think it wasn’t intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I think it was delivered to be a joke. But whether or not it was a joke, it wasn’t a lie. It’s a fact that majority of the Filipinos has this weird English accent (watch the video above again). Even Manny Pacquiao has a weird English accent but who cares. He’s Manny Pacquiao and he’s THE winner of 8 different boxing titles. We even make fun of Manny’s accent right? Filipinos make fun of other Filipinos. I guess that’s permission enough for other people to make fun of us too. Just kidding. Even I or my friends can’t stop themselves from saying something weird. Our tongues were not naturally programmed to speak that language, instead, we are programmed to speak OUR OWN DIALECTS, just like everybody else in the world. That’s what we grew up with.

However, who am I to say what’s wrong and what’s right? Right? I guess we got use to comparing our English to the standard American English. But what the hell, right?. The Brits has their own English accent with the silent “r“s, such as “elevatah” for elevator or “famly” for family, “motha” and “fatha” for mother and father. The Aussies has their own English accent too, with their “y“s and their strong “ah“s. And their “w“s. For example: “Let’s feyd thee kangaroows todAY.” Even Koreans have bad English (if we base it on the standard American English grammar and diction). People make fun of them too. We even make fun of them, but do they react violently? No! Because its how they are. Its how they speak English. They’ve accepted that fact. They are what we call in layman’s term, Sports (for sportsmanship).

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to learn English further and stick with what we have. It is still best to learn the language. I am for BILINGUALISM (or maybe even more language). Use English as primary language together with Tagalog. We should remove from our heads the idea that English is ONLY for the rich and the famous. Anyone can learn English and anyone, whoever you are, can be very good with English, grammar and diction. Being good at English has great benefits. It makes you globally competitive because English is a universal language so wherever you are, you could still be able to communicate and understand each other. So start now!


Here’s another example of a Filipino English Accent. The video shows a Filipino making fun of the Filipino’s English Accent but were people offended? No. They were laughing because they know themselves that that’s the real thing. That’s really how Filipino speak English. Well, majority of the Filipinos. Not really all. There are those that are really fluent with the language!

God Ebning pepol! 🙂

Photos courtesy of Google.com


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One Response to English Accent of Filipinos

  1. kulas88 says:

    This entry reminds me of a friend. Haha! We were having our clinical duty at one of the cities hospital in the NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He was asked whether the other group was at the east or the west and he shouted, “Naa sa EST maam”. Hahaha! But don’t get me wrong. This guy is really good in English — with his grammar and diction. It was just a slip of the tongue.

    Remember, a lot of people are still successful even though they don’t have good diction or grammar. take for example Charice and Manny Pacquiao. They’re not good the first time. But they learned. And now they are. At least Charice. Manny’s still trying but really improving!

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