FAREWELL 2010! WELCOME 2011!!!

Year 2010 is almost over! Year 2011 is within our reach! Its going to be another year of ups and downs for all of us. But before starting a new year, let’s all reminisce all the good things (and probably some of the bad things) we had during the outgoing year.

2010 was a roller coaster ride, as it is every year. There were lots of things that happened that made an impact in my life. Burned some bridges but built new ones. Made some wrong decisions. Learned some things. First time experiences. Rebuilding relationships. And a lot more.

Here are the highlights of my year:


  • January 1, 2010 was my paternal grandfather’s first death anniversary which means family bonding for us.
  • My 20th birthday
  • The Psychia experience — all the sleepless nights, overtimes, overnights, preparation for the next day, early risers, case presentation, home visits, Culmination Day — all in a month.


  • Finally went to the gym. Got so self conscious. Pretty much having a hard time adjusting to the new routine but got the hang of it.
  • There was this gap between me and some people. I guess that was the starting point of a burning bridge.
  • Got reassigned at the Davao Medical Center (then) Operating Room. I’ve already completed my major cases. Nag sige’g reklamo on why we were back there. Pero I’m glad we were assigned there again.
  • Built new friendly relationships Ms. Eliez Anne Dayanghirang and Ms. Charisse Delima — two of the most gorgeous people I know. No jam!
  • I was back, finally, to PNSA! After 2 years. Thanks to the effort of Ms. Eliez Dayanghirang
  • Got to be friends with PNSA people — Ainee Tan, Kirk Castro, Dianne Dy, Nikki Gonzales, Malizza Anzures, Kay Lucero, Marga Basanez, Meziel Vasig, Tony Elid, etc.
  • I thought it was going to be end of the world soon because of catastrophes happening all over the world around this time — Earthquake in Haiti


  • One of my down moments — lost interest with school on the last month of my 3rd year (technically 4th year) in college
  • Progressing on my workouts — amazingly losing weight faster than expected. I was determined to loose weight. Did spinning classes, jogged an extra round, lifter heavier weights
  • Candidates were campaigning for the upcoming elections
  • Participated on my first PNSA Major Activity — the TRIBUTE to the outgoing 4th year students
  • Sem-Ender party at Roldan’s Residence — hosted by Miko Roldan and Mikki Roldan.
  • Had my first taste of Yogo at Coffee Cat after gym.
  • Drank vodka inside a car, got drunk at Hilltop with Kristina Macasaet, Yobs Sabay and Tommy Caranay — Driving under the influence of alcohol… (nth time pero eto yung grabe)
  • Another PNSA event — Preparation for the Pinning ceremony of graduates.
  • Got to be friends with Krystle Rustia, Marvin Flores, and the other members
  • Celebrated Monna Gallegos, Gwen Cachuela, Patrick Noble and Vaiden Cosare’s graduation at K1 KTV Bar (Red Moon Restaurant) — had the monstrous pizza! 🙂


  • First time at Camp Sabros — zip line
  • We went zip lining — Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur and Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon
  • ATV Racing with family — Klyde got on “another” accident. Klyde is a certified accident prone area
  • First night out at Cagayan de Oro City — with PARENTS!
  • Ate at Bourbon St. Bistro and met Chef Mills — the owner
  • Then had dessert at Candy’s.. just beside Bourbon St. Bistro
  • Had a date with my 3 girl friends – at the same time!
  • Basic Life Support Training — CPR, First Aid, Triaging
  • News about re-shuffling of sections
  • AGAINST re-shuffling of sections!


  • Philippine Elections
  • Noynoy Aquino won the nth President of the Philippines — was actually rooting for Gilbert Teodoro
  • We went to Visayas for Vacation — Cebu, Bohol, Dumaguete, etc.


  • start of another school year.
  • enrollment was the same as usual. pero good thing mabilis lang yung akin.
  • Movie dates with Ren-Ren
  • Not so happy with the re-shuffling.
  • Wasn’t happy with my section — personal reasons (take note of the past tense)
  • Built new bridges while some bridges were still burning (get the metaphor?)
  • Survived the first month
  • Lakers was named as 2010 NBA playoffs champion!
  • Aside from the earthquakes of Haiti — sinkhole in Guatemala happened. BIZARRE!
  • Controversial music video of Lady Gaga: ALEJANDRO
  • Spending fun days and nights with ze friends — CLOUD 9!


  • Early Seniors Retreat (The Final Jam)
  • Built more bridges. Ang iba naman, plastikan na lang (I never thought! Blind)
  • Went into another depression state (i never had suicidal tendencies.. just saying)
  • Had dinner at Nikay’s with Edz, Marianne, Nica and Kuya CJ
  • The start of THESIS! Nightmare!
  • DOTCOM! Mintal! Nag sige na lang
  • Meet new friends — BEA GRATUITO, SHIRLYN SANTOS, DAMSEL aka DAMBY MERCED and etc.


  • Outing with classmates at Isla Reta
  • First time on the island
  • First time to sleep overnight on the sand
  • Charades the whole night
  • First part thesis defense
  • Post thesis-party at Kristine Manansala’s house — YELLOW BELL SUPER CLUB
  • Ateneo Fiesta — Left my car headlights on for 2hrs. Stupid me! Thanks to Suzanne Teofilo and friend for helping out!
  • First ER experience — first hand CPR, first death of patient, triaging
  • KADAYAWAN Festival — first time to ever go out on Kadayawan aka a Tour Guide and a Best Friend
  • New friend from Manila — Ariel Luther Presbitero
  • Nag sige na lang pud ug MINTAL this time.
  • Birthday ni Miko sa Aurum.


  • COPAR! Hastang kapoya!
  • “You can never please everybody!”
  • Completely burned people’s bridges — no connection whatsoever. PLASTIC ra kaayo. Salamat sa information.
  • First time sa Tigatto. Firing with classmates.
  • Depression na pud
  • First time mag apil ug DANCE WORKSHOP — tanga ra kaayo ko ngano ko niapil!
  • nag plano mi nila Kate and Miko nga mag adto mi’g Manila sa sem-break


  • Namaligya mi’g perfume ni Miko
  • Photoshoot ug videoshoot para ipasa sa kalasag para sa graduation
  • problems with Miko and Kate
  • Naa’y assuming sa classroom. Grabe ka assuming!
  • First time nako magpa semi-kalbo nga haircut
  • nag sige na lang ko’g kaon.
  • End of First Sem!!!!
  • Nag overnight ko sa MLANG! sa Roldan residence.
  • First long trip nako!
  • Gipatawag sa nursing division for deliberation — kung maka 2nd sem or not!
  • WHEW!!! MAKA 2nd sem ko! too bad akong manghud dili… 😦
  • Nag Manila mi ni Miko for one week para magkita nila Kate ug iyang new boyfriend, si Ariel.
  • First time mag MOA
  • nag IMAX
  • Food trip for one week!
  • Saw a glimpse of UP Diliman
  • First taste of Tomato Kick (place na siya. hang out sa mga taga UP + celebrities)
  • MRT rides
  • Rush Hour in MANILA! (whew! eto ang experience!)
  • New found love for Kenny Rogers Roasters
  • Greenbelt 5
  • Niuli’g Davao nga tambok!
  • Enrollment for 2nd sem — volunteered!


  • All Soul’s Day / All Saint’s Day
  • Start of 2nd sem
  • 2 weeks straight duty
  • first time 3-11 then 7-3 duty!
  • Staffing / Head Nursing
  • Manny Pacquiao Fight! Dad went to watch! Complete with TARP!


  • IMCU!
  • First time IR! Accidentally extubated a patient
  • First time to be deliberated by the DAC (Disciplinary Action Committee)
  • Best experience sa hospital ang IMCU! ug best group pud.
  • Gap with some people…
  • First time Christmas sa Davao not with relatives but with friends
  • gained 5 kilos from the holidays!

Its a memorable year 2010. I never regretted anything. Well, there’s two things. Katong wala nako gi tarong ang first sem nga hapit ko wala naka 2nd sem. and the other thing.. well, let’s just say. i’ll keep it to myself muna. it would stir some minds kay ang mga shallow people mu-react. hahaha!

Enjoy the year! After this its 2012.. the said, END OF THE WORLD! Eto na yung year that we should live to the fullest!


About krjarabelo

KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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2 Responses to FAREWELL 2010! WELCOME 2011!!!

  1. potheadblogs says:

    Parts, I’m really part of your year! I’m sooooo happy! hahaha 😛

    • kulas88 says:

      yeah of course. i’m happy too i’m part of yours! 🙂
      and tell your girl friends about them being part of my year!

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