New Year’s Message Part IV

This time, my last messages. SOBER ko, with good Bowel Movement, and not doing anything except this one. So eto, eto… from the depths of my heart jud ni. Sincerest of all sincere.

MARIE DOROTHY ANNE LIAMZON – I just wanna thank you for the friendship we had for the last 8 years. and we will continue that friendship, until when? FOREVER. hahaha! yes. it will be forever. I wanna thank you for the good times we had, maski usahay (well, actually pirmi) abnormal ko. Hahaha! I still have no idea how we became friends but i guess now its not important. The important thing is naging friends ta. And I’m glad and I thank the Lord for that. And I wanna thank you for the hospitality you showed me when i stayed with you in Katipunan. I will never forget that. Pati tung you had to witness the “drama” of my best friend and his ex-girlfriend, and letting us stay kahit na lasing, dun sa bahay mo. Basta Marianne. Have a good 2011! Be successful. I know you’ll be. Stay happy. God Bless sa love life. Swerte si Nathan for having such a beautiful lady as a girlfriend. Just have fun. Live life to the fullest! We may not be there when you need us kay murag layo jud ta. pero we will always be one text away if you need us. alright? Love you Mar! πŸ™‚ Extend my greetings to your family!

DANICA ESPINOZA – Nica!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! 2010… Aw. So many things happened. Diba? I can’t remember all pero I remember lots and lots of us together last year. Pero lets start from the start. Until now, i have no friggin idea how we became friends. pero as i’ve told Marianne above, that’s not important. Important thing is we became friends. Period. Ang dami na natin napagdaanan! Waaaaa!! Akalain mo 8 years na pala tayong friends. and i believe it will never stop there. Baka nga di na talaga mag stop yan eh. habang buhay na. I guess i have to thank you for saving my high school. you guys were a big part of it. until now pa man din. πŸ™‚ Anyway, remember when you called me to meet you up sa DMC kay naa ka’y problem? I will do that again basta i-text lang ko nimo. I will always be ready to give you hugs to comfort you pag naa’y ingana. And dapat this year, happy ka! i don’t want to see you crying. OK? Happy New Year Nic! Good luck sa love life mo, have a great life, great love and good health! Love you nic!

EDRIANNE BONOTANO – i haven’t seen you in…………. you do the math. and every time we see each other, pirmi ka busy. no time to talk. hahaha! serious sa studies? pag sure. ikaw na? hahahaha! maski sige lang ta lalis, ok lang. friends ta. mao gani friends ta kay pareho ta abnormal. hahaha! siguro di ko makalimutan this year about you.. eh nag debut ka at age 20! hahaha! yes. guys, for those who are reading this, Edz my friend here celebrated her DEBUT at the age of 20! sinong gumagawa nun? wala! si Edz lang. hahaha! basta ikaw, wag kang tatanga tanga sa lahat ng bagay ha. especially sa love life. make sure its the right one na. naa baya ka’y pick up guy. hinay hinay lang. uso AIDS karon. hahaha! πŸ™‚ di bitaw. basta ingat lang palagi. LOVE YOU EDZ! Happy new year! extend my greetings to your family!

Basta kayong tatlo ha… always remember that Yung love na binibigay ng boyfriend nyo sa inyo, eh kulang yun sa nararamdaman ko na LOVE for you guys. in short. MAS LOVE jud ta mo. hahaha! alright. do good sa 2011! Lets all be mature kay we are facing reality na.


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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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