Is it the end of the world?

Remember the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”, where birds suddenly drop dead to the ground and then followed by a massive deadly natural phenomenon? Well, I think its happening minus the massive deadly natural phenomenon (yet). Birds have been dropping dead in the US, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, etc. since the New Year’s Eve and experts are still trying to figure out the reason why these animals died. Ain’t it bizarre that the same incident happened almost around the world without any explanation? Experts are speculating that the cause why these animals are dead were hypoxia, poisoning, hail, or lightning. My question is why would it happen around the world if that’s the only reason. There must be something that’s more than that that’s causing these animals to die?

Experts should provide us reasons why these things are occurring because there’s lots and lots of conspiracy theories out there that are proven right day by day without these explanations. Is the world really going to end, starting with these? What’s going to happen next?



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