I officially gained 5 kilos. I just checked my weight on our “trusted” weighing scale and I scored 85 kilos from 80 kilos. It’s like I went to the gym for a month for nothing. I’m actually aware about my recent “eating habits” and everyday i keep telling myself, “DO NOT EAT!” but every time i think about it, I end up eating more than what i can chew. Yes! I’m pigging out.

Hmmm… maybe because its the stress. No. I’ve had stresses like these before and i didn’t have eating problems. Maybe because i just can’t resist food? Well, that could be a factor but i could control before. Hmmmm… *light bulb* Right. I’m depressed. I’m depressed and I look for comfort on food. I feel good when i’m eating (temporarily because guilt sets in after i eat). Then i sulk in one corner thinking, i’m stupid for eating much and then i eat some more. and then i feel bad again and then i eat again. it’s like a cycle.

Just so you know, I’m bipolar. I get depress for no reason at all. and then i get ecstatic all of a sudden. i really don’t know how long they last but usually it takes 1-3 weeks.

right now, i’m thinking about all the food i put in my mouth for the whole day: Korean Barbeque + 1 rice (breakfast), French fries and PANCIT CANTON (like a whole styro pack of it) 10 minutes after breakfast, 3 packs of Funchum Apple, and then around 6 to 7 pieces of garlic chicken and 2 cups of rice + 2 bananas for dinner. Hahaha!

I can feel me getting heavier everyday actually. my belly is getting bigger too. hahaha! well, whatever. soon, i will work out again and i will eliminate the fat i’m storing. besides, i’ll be graduating soon. i will have all the time in the world to work out.

right now, i’ll be sleeping with a full stomach with a little guilt on the side.

About krjarabelo

KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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