6th Sense: ABSENCE — wala ng voice!

Just to give you heads up. I’m the kind of guy who talks a lot. I was even considered “a-know-it-all” guy back in high school (which pisses some people off. come to think of it, i don’t care!) I love to talk that’s why God gave us mouth so that we could share our knowledge through talking, right?

Well, yesterday morning at 4am, I woke up due to the cold. I was at the beach with friends chilling, getting away from the bum life we had at the city. When I woke up, i tried yawning and was really shocked i couldn’t hear myself yawn. Yes, i sort of, emit a voice when i yawn, its  a grunting sound. I tried talking and no words came out of my mouth. I tried shouting but still none. Ok. It was 4am in the morning and it was really cold. I looked for my car keys and went to the car and enjoyed the warmness of leather on my back. I went back to sleep.

I woke up due to the knock on the car windows. The sun was up and I was expecting so should my voice. I tried talking again but to no avail. Went outside and said “good morning” but no one heard it. So was I. So now, I’m on whispering mode. I tried shouting at the bathroom last night. It was EPIC FAIL! Its actually my first time in my whole life to loose my voice. Its hard. Really hard especially that I’m so fond of speaking and singing (in the bathroom). I found out i have a bad  case of laryngitis.

Then I decided i’ll be on my silent mode for the rest of the week. I guess God is telling me to shut up for a while and let me listen. To really listen. No more bathroom singing. I bet my mom’s glad i temporarily lost my voice. HAHAHA!

I actually found some home remedies for this kind of illness (click here!) but its too troublesome to try. so i will just have to wait for this illness to pass. Too lazy to prepare or buy anything.

Enjoy this VOICE combo sandwich commercial



About krjarabelo

KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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