My Graduation Message! Officially Unemployed!

Yesterday was one of the proudest moments in my life. It was my COLLEGE GRADUATION DAY. Finally after 5 years of enduring all the hardships in my course, BS-Nursing, I’m proud to say that I’M DONE WITH IT. That I’ve made it through all the dreadful requirements, exhausting 8-hour shifts at the hospitals, pleasing clinical instructors with different styles and attitudes, classmates with different personalities and personal conflicts.

Last year, when I saw my “real” batch mates marched the stage receiving their “diplomas”, I kept wondering how it feels like to be on that stage finally getting the reward of the hard work done for the 4 years in college. Now I think I know. The feeling is overwhelming. While preparing, i try to keep calming myself, getting all the good vibes. But the feeling is overflowing; mixed emotions when you’re at that moment, that moment where all the eyes are staring at you as you walk the stage receiving what you’ve been working hard for, that piece of paper that signifies the end of your education from pre-school to college.

As I received that piece of paper, memories kept flashing and it was hard not to get teary eyed as I remember all the good stuff (and maybe some of the bad stuff) I had with my friends marching with me on stage. Memories of classmates having fun together at the classroom, laughing at the corniest jokes by our classmates, cheering at the antics of Isan and Arjay, and all those good stuff we had together. Memories with friends from the other sections laughing at the corridors, shouting, calling each others names to catch attention, hugging like we’ve never seen each other for a very long time, sharing chismis, comparing notes, sharing answers, giving advices. Memories with Clinical instructors whom I got close with, sharing jokes with. Most of my clinical instructors have really marked on me. Some are good friends, some are not but these people helped us to become a little more of what we should be because they share their knowledge that we could bring with us in the future. These clinical instructors will leave with us but the memories will stay. One year seem too short for these kind of bondings, that I wish we could extend a little more making the memories together grow. Call me melodramatic, but I can’t help but cry a tear because I will miss the people so much and the times together. But it has to end for we have to embark on a new journey, face new challenges, harder but will make us wiser. That piece of paper we received signifies that we leave our alma mater (heads up high) to face the reality of the world, embarking to a new journey called LIFE. Some may take the review, some may wait, some may proceed to medicine, some may now leave the Philippines and look for greener pastures outside, some may stay, some may remain a bum, some may look for other careers but whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck.

I say to my friends, THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! The ride wouldn’t be so fun without you guys. Kulang jud kaayo kung wala mo. As much as we say, “magkita kita lang lagi gihapon ta”, ang bonding nato sa four corners of the classroom and the school kay lahi lang jud compared kung naa na ta sa gawas. Ako, I cherished all the moments (mostly good ones) nga naga uban ta kay there wouldn’t be another one of it. If ever mag kita kita na man sad ta, magkatapok tapok, not as students na but as professionals (hopefully) ug wala na ta naka uniform or naka type c ana. Unta we keep in touch. I will not say “unta wa’y kalimtanay” kay mao ra gihapon, most of us kung dili ta magkeep in touch, mag kalimtanay jud. Sa akong group, ang group 3, naa ko’y message para lang sa inyuha pero unya na nako buhaton.

Sa mga Clinical Instructors nako nga maka basa ani. Salamat sad kaayo. Dili lang sa pagiging mentors but pagiging friends pud. Kabalo mo kung kinsa mo nga mga clinical instructors nga amigo nako. Kabalo ko dili jud ko makaabot aning kahimtanga ni kung wala ko ninyo gi tabangan mao ng gina cherish pud nako ang friendship nga naa ta. Karon kay graduate na mi, ug next time hopefully maka pasa mi’g board, dili na ta student-instructor relationship.. COLLEAGUES na ta ana. I guess magkita kita lang ta ana sa hospital kung asa mag trabaho, diba? So Salamat sa knowledge ug sa wisdom.

So to end this little speech of mine, I say “GOOD LUCK” to whatever we have in the future. We will strive hard to achieve what we have dreamed of. Let’s do our best as we face the real world because i assure you the challenges that awaits us are more challenging than those we have at school. We will now worry about paying taxes and supporting ourselves. But i do not fear because our batch, our batch will always be one of the good ones that will surely succeed! THANK YOU and HAPPY GRADUATION TO ALL!


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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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