M’lang Trip

Last Monday, my friend Alyssa and I tagged along our friends Miko and Mikki to M’lang, North Cotabato. It’s my third time and Alyssa’s first time. We have already planned coming along weeks before. My reason was, I don’t have anything to do while Alyssa’s was, she wanted to see what the Roldan’s town look like. We took a passenger van at SM Davao for the 2 and a half hour trip to Kidapawan where we will be picked up by Miko and Mikki’s parents. While waiting, we met Mikki’s 2 local lady friends and accompanied us to Boyd’s pizza for merienda. A good pizza is great after a very long travel. An hour later, Tita Lilian, Tito Myke and MA arrived and the 2 girls (Glaiza and the other one. Sorry I forgot her name) left. We ordered another family size pizza and then left for M’lang.

We arrived at around 8 to 9 at their house, we settled our things and ate dinner for the 3rd time. Earl arrived to join us. MA and Mikki bought one case of beer for the night. We drank until around 3 in the morning. The mix was a little too strong. Made me tipsy in just a few shot, but knowing me, won’t stop until i’m almost at the peak.

The Masterchefs

The next morning, I was the last one to wake up. Found the others watching Junior Masterchef on TV. Mikki was cooking his lechon kawali for lunch. Lysa volunteered to slice the meat. She looked like the little girl on Junior Masterchef.

After lunch, we rested a while and prepared for the next agenda of the day. Lake Agco. Lake Agco is at the foot of Mt. Apo. It has cold springs and hot springs. It was my first time there. The trip was a 2 hour trip from M’lang.

The Trippers

When we got there, it was cold. It was like Baguio. The view was nice but it smelled like sulfur on the way up. We stopped for a while at the sitio to take pictures. Then we proceeded to the resort. There were two entrances. One for the pool area and the other one for the hot jacuzzi (plus sauna) area. Both asks for a 15-peso entrance fee. Cheap fees for us to enjoy. We went for the hot one first. And when I say hot, its the hottest on our hot shower back at home.



We also tried their sulfur lotion. It was 50-pesos per bottle. Its quite cheap for something only found in that area. We look like warriors from another era covering our bodies with white stuff. They say sulfur removes dead skin cells so we covered our bodies with it before hitting the sauna. The sauna was really dark. They don’t have lights. It also has a strong sulfur smell. Its quite irritating at first that why we have to crouch down a little upon entering the sauna. When in need of fresh air inside the sauna, just bring your head down almost to the floor. The steam is from the knees up so below the knee is fresh oxygen. We spent around 15 mins inside the sauna.

We spent the rest of the time at the jacuzzi feeling the heat. It was relaxing. Tita Lilian took a lot of pictures. We had fun. It started drizzling a little so we decided to transfer to the other resort. And it was getting dark at the jacuzzi area. We could see fireflies. I was amazed since there are no fireflies in the city. I don’t get to see lots of that here.

Bawal ang Bata

After the hot tub, we went to the swimming pool. Alyssa and I did not dip into the pool. We changed to dry clothes and waited. Everyone followed right after. And then we left Lake Agco, ate dinner at Kidapawan then went back home to M’lang. It was a very long day. Everyone was tired. We drank what was left of the beer from the previous night and I went to sleep.

The next day, it was buh-bye M’lang. Lysa and I had fun and would love to go there again. Of course with an invite. Until the next trip.


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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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