Lechon Kawali: Kitchen Fail

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Who can ever resist this oh-so-good artery clogging, heart  stopping dish? I know I can’t. I never knew how to  cook Lechon Kawali until we went to M’lang and my friend  Mikki cooked this dish for us. It was good. Better than  the lechon kawali Miko and I had tried at Bankerohan in  Davao. I had to learn how to cook the dish or at least try to  cook the dish.

So when I got the liempo last night, I seasoned it with salt and  pepper and placed it in the pyrex and put it in the fridge  overnight. At around noon, I put it in a pot with garlic cloves  and bay leaf and left it to boil.  According to instructions I found on the net, boil the pork and then let it simmer for 45 mins to an hour until the pork is tender. 30 mins after boiling, my mom asked me to turn off the fire coz’ I might overcook the pork and the stupid me turned off the fire and let it air dried for a few minutes.

I then started heating the oil and slowly putting each pork slices into the oil. It was challenging. As soon as the first pork hit the hot oil, it started spewing hot oil all over the place that i had to make the pot lid as shield. I cooked each pork until golden brown or at least i could see blisters on the skin. Then I started tasting the first one.

#1 I was disappointed, it wasn’t as Crispy as I thought it should be.
#2 It has no taste!!!

#1 — it wasn’t crispy because the pork should be boiled for 45mins to an hour to achieve its “somethingness” in it. i think.
#2 — i should’ve put salt again because salty taste disappears when you put it in the fridge! That’s my theory

#1 — I searched the net again and tried to look for something that might help its crispyness. It says,splash water on the oil every ten minutes to achieve crispyness. It actually did help…. a little.

#2 — SUKANG PINAKURAT saved the day! 🙂


For those of you readers who wants to learn LECHON KAWALI:

Ingredients: (you can actually add anything for taste if you’re the kind of person who loves to experiment)

  1. Pork belly or Liempo
  2. Crushed Garlics
  3. Bayleaf
  4. Pepper or peppercorn
  5. Salt
  6. Water for boiling
  7. Oil for frying


You can cut the pork belly into smaller pieces if you like. Its optional.
After cutting (or not), SEASON it with Salt and Pepper for that is one helluva important factor for taste
Then put them in a pot and cover them with water. Have the pork fully submerged in water.
Put a few cloves of garlic and bay leaf in the water
Leave the pot boiling for around 45mins then let it simmer until a full hour to really tenderize the meat.
After an hour, drain and leave it air dried for a few minutes.

Heat oil in a pan. Put as much oil if possible.
Then drop the pork in. WARNING! Oil blasts are possible.
Wait until golden brown or brown (not BLACK!) and until blisters starts forming on the pig skin.
Then cut to smaller pieces
Drain on paper towels if available
Serve with Sukang Pinakurat, Suka with bawang, Toyo with Tomatoes and Onions or Mang Tomas Gravy

ENJOY!! Buon Apettito!

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