Holy Week Getaway — Day 2 (2011_04_19) Part II

The Divine Mercy Shrine wasn’t the last for the day. Afterwards, we went to Tito Jer’s birthday at Grand Caprice Restaurant right along the Rosario Strip in Limkitkai Center.

L-R: Klyde, Tito Enan, Uma, Udad, Kim, Tita Ing, Tito Jer, Mommy, Daddy, Me and Tita Gogot
and the 2 little children, Tigger and Julia

We celebrated with Tita Helga’s whole family. Just like before, a few years ago when we had this trip to Cagayan, the Emano family invited us for dinner there in Grand Caprice Restaurant. As far as I can remember, it was a dinner to announce Tito Jer and Tita Ing (Helga)’s wedding.

This time, it was just a birthday dinner. No birthday songs. Just plain dinner and talks. It was really cool, because the family is connected with SPMC’s Chief of Hospital. Well, the conversation will be just between those that were there in that dinner. 🙂

Anyway, the food was CHINESE and I asked if they were Chinese, i have no idea. The food was great. I didn’t know what they ordered but it was great! The kids, including me had MANGO SHAKE with Cherries on top. I remember before, Tigger cried because there was no cherries on top of his mango shake. They had to order another one with cherries on top so that he will stop crying. Tigger was around 3 years old.

Anyway, to finish this off…


until the next birthday


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