Holy Week Getaway Day 7 — (2011_04_23)

P.S. I wasn’t able to update for a very long time. I was on hiatus aka vacation in Cagayan and Cebu. And I skipped holy week days 5 and 6 because there weren’t much during those days. we stayed indoors. the usual family thing.


Day 7 — My most awaited day, simply because its like old days where everyone (the WHOLE family) are going on an outing. Before when tatay was alive, it was almost every Sunday we go to the beach that tatay bought in Surigao. He made cottages for us to stay in. He had the whole beach cleaned, meaning hauled the rocks off, etc. We loved that beach because there are so many family memories there with tatay. The last time I went there was before tatay died. Nostalgic! I miss tatay.

Anyway, so this trip was already planned before. Everyone wants to see the infamous Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River in Surigao. So basically, all the cars from the compound went out. Well, actually not all the cars. Some were left. We brought 4 cars. Before we went to a VERY LONG trip, we ate breakfast and packed for lunch. I forgot what time we left Agusan.

We went first to Tinuy-an falls. It was around 2hrs and a half drive from Agusan. Since me and my roomates aka brothers and cousins was up the whole night, we were asleep during the whole trip to Tinuy-an falls. I just woke up when i bumped my head very hard in the car window.

It was my first time to see the falls. It was Majestic. Well, i bet there’s a lot of beautiful falls in the world, but so far. this is like the best falls i’ve seen in my entire life. Next would be the Tinago falls in Iligan.

So when we got there, the usual picture taking and then we went to enjoy the falls. There are small fees though. But who cares. I guess they use it to maintain the beauty of the place. Its so commercial though because there were a lot… and i mean A LOT of people there, setting up tables, eating under the rain. It was pretty cool. We didn’t stay long though. We had to go to another location. ENCHANTED RIVER.

Since it was lunch, we had to stop over and eat. No, it wasn’t a fancy restaurant. We stopped over on the tables on Bislig’s sea wall and ate there. It was a first. But definitely a Bleza family moment. We are all cowboys. We don’t have any “maarte” bone in our bodies. And besides, we are eating our packed lunch. So all is good. After lunch, it was another 45min trip to Enchanted River.

The place is really hidden but it was worth the trip. The scene was pretty spectacular. The blue water is amazing. It was kinda off that day though because it was Black Saturday and people really were going somewhere and it was a place to go to. I will not tell you more about it as I can’t describe it in words. You guys (the one’s reading this) should experience it yourself. For those who don’t know how to swim, well, you can still enjoy for you can rent vests and goggles. For those who can… Well, enjoy yourselves. A pair of goggles would really come in handy if you wanna see whats in the bottom. Pretty awesome.. You’d think some monster would appear out of nowhere and eat you alive. We didn’t stayed much because the place was getting so crowded and it was already late in the afternoon.


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2 Responses to Holy Week Getaway Day 7 — (2011_04_23)

  1. Nwala na yung pgka-enchanted ng enchanted river sa dami ng tao. I am planning to visit the river by next week pero parang nawalan ako ng gana, kasi summer ngayon, for sure maraming tao. hehehe but still the river is so majestic. 😀

    • kulas88 says:

      according sa friend ko who went there recently, wala na masyadong tao dun. malapit na din pasukan eh. pero yeah. to be sure na lang.. siguro mga june. try to go there. i tell you… worth it ang travel. maling timing lang talga siguro kami kasi nakisiksik kami sa black saturday.

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