Hush Hush

I’ve done this many times in facebook already, but its fun so i’m posting it here.
The Rules:
Put your iPod or any mP3 player in shuffle mode
For every question, press the next button to get the answer
Tag friends (but since this is not facebook, no tagging will happen)
  1. If someone asks ‘are you OK’, you say?
    — Fire Burning on the Dancefloor
  2. What would best describe your personality?
    — Tatsulok (hahaha! ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayayaman?!!)
  3. How would you describe yourself?
    — Fashionista (wtf?!! sobrang kabaligtaran.. hahaha! alam ng mga friends ko yan. baduy ako! )
  4. What do you like in a Guy/Girl?
    — Hollywood’s Not America (siguro ibig sabihin, yun non-showbiz. hahaha!)
  5. How do you feel today?
    — Chasing Pavements (eto. tumama na. should i give up or should i just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?)
  6. What is your life’s purpose?
    — Tell Me (kasi hindi ko din alam kung ano ang purpose ko in this life.)
  7. What’s your motto?
    — Fix You (so mekaniko na ako ngayon? pero we know there’s some deep meaning sa kanta ng coldplay)
  8. What do your friends think of you?
    — Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (ganun? di pa naman ako sumusuko in life ah… )
  9. What do your parents think of you?
    — Every Little Thing (i wish i could be every little thing you wanted… overtime.. kahit.. sometimes!)
  10. What do you think about very often?
    —  Sweet Touch of Love (hahahaha!! yes.. a very very sweet touch of love!)
  11. What is 2+2?
    — I swear (make sure lang!)
  12. What do you think of your exboy/girl/best friend?
    — Bartender (hmmmm..mao?!)
  13. What do you think of the person you like?
    — Love in this club (hahahaha! mahilig ba siya sa club?)
  14. What is your life story?
    — Insomnia (hahaha! madaming sleepless nights!)
  15. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    — Back at One (balik pagka uno. gi atay oi!! dili pud ana oi!)
  16. What do you think when you see the person you like?
    — I can love you like that (hahahaha!! oh definitely! sobra pa sa like that!!!)
  17. What will you do at your wedding?
    — Apologize (ah!!! bag-ong kasal pa gani apologize na man dayon! wala pud ko’y sala oi!)
  18. What will they play at your funeral?
    — Emotions (madrama naman. its over and done!)
  19. What is your hobby/interest?
    — Don’t Cha! (samuka! hahaha!)
  20. What is your biggest fear?
    — Ignition (hahaha! di naman!)
  21. What is your biggest secret?
    — The World’s Greatest (i’m the world’s greatest. pero its not a secret anymore)
  22. What do you want right now?
    — Confessions Part II (confess??? now??)
  23. What do you think of your friends?
    — Hypnotized (madaling mahypnotized??? ewan ko!)
  24. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
    — Party People!!! (parang eto ata ang mga friends ko and not the worst thing that could happen)
  25. What is the one thing you regret?
    — Meet Me Halfway (hmmmmmmm…. not really!)
  26. What makes you laugh?
    — Forever (bwahahaaha! there’s no such thing as forever!)
  27. What makes you cry?
    — Disturbia (talawan ko’g mumu!)
  28. Will you ever get married?
    — Sweet Dreams (hahaha! yeah. definitely. it will be a sweet dream!)
  29. What scares you the most?
    — If I Ain’t Got You (yan ang sweet. yeah. natatakot akong mag isa in life…)
  30. Does anyone like you?
    — Mad (i have no idea)
  31. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
    — Every time I Close My Eyes (kasi every time i close my eyes, di kita nakikita. gusto ko naka dilat lang palagi para di ka mawala sa paningin ko para maging akin ka lang.)
  32. What hurts right now?
    — Unstoppable
  33. What will you name this not?
    — Hush Hush

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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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