Its More Fun in the Philippines

Today, hashtag it’s more fun in the Philippines (#itsmorefuninthePhilippines) is trending worldwide on twitter. Everyone is saying good things about the Philippines that make it fun to go to. This is the new campaign slogan for the Department of Tourism to attract foreigners and tourist to visit the country and enjoy what it has to offer. Its good. I’m actually one for it. Not only will it promote the country, but it will also help the country earn more money for the people (and its politicians).

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But instead of saying the same ol’ good things about the Philippines, I went to a different direction and tweeted more on the unusual –more negative– things about the Philippines. At least it will give the readers some sort of an eye opener that the Philippines still has its problems that needs to be resolved and i don’t think attracting tourists is the solution to the problems though it can be one factor. But yeah, one factor doesn’t change everything.

My tweets may sound un-Filipino of me, but trust me, I’m more Filipino before anyone of you can say MABUHAY! In blood and in physical appearance (not in attitude though. I’m more rebellious than a typical Filipino). I’m just presenting truth and facts about the country basing on what I’ve observed. It sounds mean and rude but that’s how harsh reality is and we have to accept it to develop change.

I’m not the only one who took a different direction. There are more of us, because we see that the Philippines is not a perfect place, so as any other countries. But unlike other countries, the Philippines is going down the drain, slowly. And it will not change unless people change.

You see, people get excited that its trending because they are hoping that people will notice it. I think they forgot that the not the whole world is on twitter and only a few percent of whole world is on twitter. And i probably say, most of it are Filipinos, because only in the Philippines we see that people (including government officials)  spend almost all day on social networking sites. Its a good outlet, yes! But don’t you have more important matters to do instead of tweeting? Don’t compare yourselves to us normal people because we did not took that oath of obligation to serve the people.

Anyway, its fun to actually point out the negatives about the Philippines. It may sound rude, or mean, but at the end of the day, it may (or may not, depending on how a person internalize) lead to a realization that there are more important things to be done and more important things to change for a better (and not bitter) country for all Filipinos.

I’ve been to a lot of places in the Philippines since I was a kid. My dad used to love traveling and he’d bring us to everywhere he was assigned. According to a website, which i forgot, my family is now already a Class A travelers in the Philippines. Meaning, we’ve already traveled to most part of the country so I can testify that the Philippines is a great place to go to and you have so many different things to try. The Philippines is a bountiful country. And I think it only takes a good leader to be able to use the resources effectively and responsibly.

Always start traveling in the Philippines before you go out of the country. See its beauty and try to appreciate what we have. And please! Always be ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY!


Visit the website here: It’s More Fun In The Philippine and Choose Philippines

The New Philippine Tourism Theme Song by Angeline Quinto


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