Pilipinas, Tara Na!

When the Department of Tourism started their campaign on Philippine tourism, I got interested in it and searched for the original video of Tara Na, Byahe Tayo sang by various artists of the 90’s.

This video is Dick Gordon’s vision of the Philippines promoting its tourism. The video shows different scenes from different parts of the Philippines sharing a little of the culture of each subgroups of Filipinos. Though, it did not show everything, it effectively delivered the message that the Philippines is worth visiting and worth exploring.

I found 3 other versions of the original Biyahe Tayo sang by today’s generation of artists. Same music, different artists and different lyrics, same message, same vision: Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan!




Each video contains different parts of the Philippines including different cultures. The enhancements made from the original are better plus the videos are recorded digitally, meaning, they are clearer. The videos are used for the campaign of the Department of Tourism in promoting the Philippines as a world destination.

My only problem with the videos is that they were more focused on what Luzon has to offer and haven’t explored the best parts of Visayas and Mindanao yet.

I’m hoping that next time, they’d be able to feature a lot more from Visayas and Mindanao, like:

  • Enchanted River of Surigao Sur
  • Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao Sur
  • Tinago Falls of Iligan
  • Water Rafting of Cagayan
  • Floating villages of the Agusan Marsh
  • Orchids of Davao
  • Street Food/Barbecue of Larsian, Cebu
  • San Juanico Bridge connecting Samar and Leyte
  • Samal Island
  • Crocodile Park of Davao
  • Lolong of Agusan
And I hope next time instead of famous artists, they let ordinary Filipino talents singing the song, to give chance and showcase the voices of different Filipinos, famous or not.

I’ve been to the different parts of the Philippines since I was a kid. My dad loves to bring us anywhere especially when he’s assigned away from home. Every summer we go to different places. The best was when we had a road trip from Mindanao to Luzon. It lasted for a week and we were able to visit different regions, different provinces and different cities all over the Philippines. Our family motto was, “Explore the Philippines first before exploring other countries”. For so many years, we’ve traveled all over the Philippines making us Class A Philippine travelers according to a website (which I forgot) basing on the cities and towns and provinces we’ve gone to.

That’s why for your next trip, try exploring the Philippines.


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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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