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Yesterday, my parents arrived from their 2-week European vacation. Along with that, a relative from Manila also arrived. So what’s the best thing to do? A Welcome Home Party! We decided to have dinner at Abreeza Mall, so that at the same time, we could give Tito Willy a little tour around the city. Well, technically it wasn’t around the city. Just the way to Abreeza.

When we got there, Dad made us decide where to eat. Hukad was mom’s choice but I had to say no. She’s a fan of Cebuano delicacies because she partially grew up in Cebu. I had to say no. We should try somewhere else.

Then we all decided, Mooon Cafe, just beside Hukad. Mooon Cafe is a Mexican restaurant serving a mix of Mexican, American, and Filipino food entrees. The place originated from, (guess where), Cebu. (I think Davao has been invaded by Cebuano restaurants! Haha!) The food is great! But they have to do something with the service and the crew. We had to ask for water 5 times before they served them to us. 

Anyway, we ordered 2 of each:

. . . . .

Quesadillas Uno!
Soft Tortilla filled with different things topped with Salsa and drizzled with Cheesy Sour Cream

. . . . .

Beef Stroganoff
Sauteed beef cutlets with mushrooms and some other things served in a creamy sauce topped with Parsley

. . . . .

Deep fried burrito filled with not-so-spicy ground beef and spices topped with a very cheesy drizzle

. . . . .

A Filipino soup dish with tenderized beef, corns, banana, cabbages, chili soaked in beef stock.
Best served on clay pots

. . . . .

Moon Steak
Very tender pork chops served with a very delicious gravy and a corn, carrot, pea combination on the side, served with garlic rice

. . . . .

Mexican Baby Back Ribs
Very tender pork baby back ribs with a very sweet, barbecue sauce

. . . . .

Summer Cooler
A refreshment made mainly of orange juice infused with real bits of watermelon, mango and something else.

. . . . .

We also had, Beef Burritos and Fish Bellies. Wasn’t able to take a picture. People were starving.

Beef Stroganoff is a personal favorite. It’s a must try. My brother suggested the Chimichanga because he said its the best Chimichange that touched his palate. And I have to agree, but I was kind of looking for that spicy taste in my mouth which it didn’t have. For the moon steak (and the quesadillas), the credit goes to my sister. The pochero, well, its a basic. Filipinos must always have their soup when they eat. Pochero is a great choice! And last but not the least, Mooon Cafe’s specialty main course, the baby back ribs was courtesy to my brother’s twin brother.

Photo: Moon Cafe @ Abreeza, Davao City_Nov. 17, 2012...

Photo Credits: Dad (Dad’s facebook)

Little Sister (barely seen), me (basically not photogenic), my brothers (one busy on his cellphone), my cousin Lance (the twitter sensation) and the visiting relative from Manila, Tito Willy and then my mom (only half the body seen)

Not seen in the picture: Dad (taking the picture) and my sister

The night turned out great. We were all satisfied with the food. Tito seemed he had fun. After the dinner, we all decided to call it a night and go home. Everyone’s tired. We were able to see Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador. Our car was parked to where their van was waiting for them at the parking lot. They’re smaller compared to when you see them on TV.

It was a great night!

. . . . .

For more, visit

Mooon Cafe

Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Avenue,
Bajada, Davao City


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