Typhoon Pablo = Cancelled Classes = Postponed Exams!

Typhoon Pablo (International name: Bopha). The typhoon everyone feared due to its strong wind and heavy rainfall, even stronger than Typhoon Sendong of last year, with wind gusts reaching up to 195 kph.

Typhoon Pablo made landfall at Davao Oriental today at around 4 – 5 am causing devastation on the area; uprooting trees, destroying shanties, tearing off roofs, etc.

Last night, I was expecting strong wind and heavy rain because that’s what the news said. I rushed home yesterday after the class thinking, I’d be stranded if I stayed longer downtown. I got home earlier than expected. With busted air conditioning, I opened my windows hoping the strong wind would cool my room so that I’d be able to sleep.

But it never came!

I woke up at 3 am to study for my exams today. I looked out, it was raining or should I say, drizzling. Yes. It’s drizzling outside and the cool breeze was cooling my room. Thank God! At around 4 am, I checked twitter and my feed was filled with tweets about Pablo hitting Davao Oriental and I looked out again and was like, ‘What?! Why the hell is it still drizzling?! Shouldn’t we have heavy rains by now?’ I guess that’s the part of me that says, ‘PLEASE RAIN! RAIN HARD!’ because I’m not that ready to take the Physiology evals today.

But the weather’s acting up like a bitch and its not doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It failed me. So, I dressed up, waited for a ride to school which was actually really difficult during the rainy days. I was worried for my white uniform as it might get dirty from the rain and the splatters. And I was right because when I got to school, my newly pressed uniform was not as white as I was expecting it to be. Bummer!

At the time, the wind actually was gathering speed but still drizzling. I had to take a cab because public transportation was jam packed. When I got to school, it was almost 8 am. I wasn’t surprise to see only a few people. Then one by one, the people are slowly filling in the classroom. Everyone anticipating the school to cancel classes. A few minutes before 8:30 am, someone announced that the College of Dentistry cancelled classes for their division, but still no news for the College of Medicine.

I checked twitter for updates of the storm. I read that Davao was having a storm signal #3, meaning its getting worse out there. True enough, when I went out to go to the dean’s office to ask for any updates, the wind was actually stronger than I expected. I thought something’s really wrong. It was wrong. So I rushed to the office and found the staff there explaining to the IMD that classes were cancelled for the whole school. I thought, ‘what the hell?! You guys didn’t even bother informing our class that classes were cancelled!’ but I had to be polite and asked them for any updates for our class. I had to clarify. NO CLASSES they say.

I informed the class that there’s no classes. Everyone rejoiced. I guess everyone’s not prepared for the evals. Or too sleepy for school because of the bed weather. We stayed for a while for thesis but after that I had to leave. I have this fear of being stranded.

My sister picked me up at Ateneo and went home.

The view from the beach. Beach Hut destroyed by strong winds

Someone’s trespassing! Papaya tree from next door

Then a few hours later (2hrs), its as if nothing happened
the rain and the wind stopped the whole afternoon


Its as if the storm was a joke! The whole nation, or at least Davao was giving so much fuss over the storm hitting the city. I thought its impossible. Davao is protected on every side. We have Samal Island on one side and Mount Apo on the other side. So before a storm could ever hit land, they have to pass through those 2 big barriers and die down before it hits Davao. The worst thing happened, that I know of, is an uprooted bushes, fallen trees that only blocked some road (nothing major)  and that’s it.

But you know what… I’m still glad they cancelled classes. At least I get to finish Season 1 and 2 of Walking Dead! And I could review again Physiology for the exam. *wink*

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KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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