When In Need, Call To Him. He will Answer.

Tonight, as I was studying for my biochemistry exams for tomorrow, a friend sent me a text message asking me to read some verses in the bible. I was out studying so I replied telling her that i will check it out as soon as I get home. 

When I reached home, I checked out the bible and read the verses. Just as I thought. The message interpreted with those verses were like a 10-wheeler truck hitting me from out of nowhere. The verses were perfect describing the current status me and my med friends are having at the moment.

Joshua 1:7-8 says, “Just be determined, be confident; and make sure that you obey the whole Law that my servant Moses gave you. Do not neglect any part of it and you will succeed wherever you go. Be sure that the book of the Law is always read in your worship. Study it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

The verse says that no matter what we do, we should apply the 10 commandments he gave Moses for his people. Just by following those virtues, prosperity and success will come to us. True enough. The 10 commandments exemplifies righteousness. If we practice all those then we will be at peace; heart, mind and soul. Having inner peace makes one focus in doing endeavors of day to day because you have a clear conscience, making one pure. Its actually just self explanatory. Bottom line is, be good to everyone no matter what. Just like my previous post, it helps one to build character.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 says, “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me, and I will answer you. You will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.”

This next verse tells us that God already had plans for us. Just like our Sunday school mentor mentioned last Sunday during Sunday school, God already had plans for us even when we were still in our mothers’ wombs. Maybe even before that. But God gave us free will to do what we want to do; whether we follow the plans God had for us or we do things our way. Its our choice, hence the free will. Just like the story of the Prodigal son. Everything was already given to the son, but greed and pride took over him, taking all his possessions he inherited from his family and left. After exhausting all his possessions, he went back to his father, and the father welcomed him with open arms. That’s the same thing with God. We may, at a point in our lives, went astray, but when we get back to the right path, God will be there waiting for us with open arms. That’s why when we are in trouble, in sorrow, we seek God. We go to church and pray. Despite our mistakes, God will still welcome us because he is one merciful God.

So to end this, I’ll have a short pray.

Dear God,

I know I haven’t been that good. But I’m coming back to you.
I’m praying now, to thank you for all the blessings you’ve showered upon us every day
and to say sorry for all the things I’ve done wrong. Saying I’m not perfect is not an excuse. Because we still have that choice of whether to do good or bad.
I ask for you guidance. Give me wisdom to be a good person. Not only to myself but also to others.

I also pray Lord, that you help us in our exams tomorrow about genetics.
That we may be able to give correct answers to the questions.
In the end, this is all for you Lord. To serve you and your people, with you grace!
In your holy name!


About krjarabelo

KR Jarabelo "Kyle" 22 years old Registered Nurse Medical Student at Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Frustrated Photographer Frustrated Blogger Sentimental Insensitive Loner Observant Imaginative Creative Overly shy Sometimes, overconfident
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